Sunday, November 10, 2013

Little Redneck Fun Blowing Up Tannerite
While the Kids Were Here on Sunday
Well for once I agree with some of the over regulators out there. Tannerite should be illegal. Why? Well its just too darn much fun and too darn expensive to be doing much, lol!
If you've never shot it or seen it in person, its such a blast. Videos can not do it justice at all because the video camera can't capture the true explosive sound nor the percussion you feel from it going off. That makes all the difference in the world. Experience it first hand and I really think you'll be hooked.
You can make it quite cheaply if you can find any 34-0-0 fertilizer say perhaps at a co-op or somewhere. Since the Oklahoma City bombing, in which 34-0-0 was used its pretty hard to find. If you do, a 50# sack will last you a really long time. Buy any more than that and expect to be run through the ringer rightly so. Don't think any of us want to ever see an Oklahoma City bombing happen again. Since you probably won't find it near you at a feed store, you can get the "cold" packs that are sold at either CVS or Walgreens and mix a little aluminum powder in it and you've got more affordable tannerite. You CAN NOT get the cold packs at Walmart. They are not pure ammonium nitrate. When you pick them up at Walgreens or CVS flip it over to the ingredients and make sure its the 100% ammonium nitrate. You can get bottles of aluminum powder off of eBay pretty cheap. I won't go over the instructions as there are several videos on YouTube that cover the topic.
There are lots of information on the Internet regarding if a 17HMR will set this stuff off. I've shot three of them now all with 1 shot from a 17HMR. They went boom every time.
Well here is a short video and remember as I said before, the video is very anticlimactic compared to setting it off in person.


Monday, November 4, 2013

YouTube Review & Range Report
of Savage 93R17 GV

Piper's 4 Month Old Pics
Here are a few pics of Piper at 4 months old. She's still doing great. Learning good. Next vet visit is coming up and it will be her last shot for a year. Don't remember for sure but I think she might also get her rabies shot. If so, we'll start spending significant time in the woods. Squirrel population seems to be lower this year but hopefully we'll get her on some squirrels. If not we'll head to the park and probably upset a couple folks, lol.
My hopes are we'll get a tree or two before the season ends but she's still going to be pretty young. If not, its not a problem. Just hoping since she's been such a quick learner so far that she'll pick it up good. Hope to have her a mate in a few months to breed with sometime down the road after I know both are making good squirrel dogs.
Anyways, enjoy the pics! I hope to post a really short video a little later this week.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Savage 93R17 GV
17 HMR
Really pleased with my new birthday present I get back a couple weeks ago. My hopes were that I'd end up with a gun that will get 1/2 MOA at 100 yards. I haven't had a chance to get it out past 50 yards yet but it is showing great promise out of the box. Don't have a 100 rounds through it yet nor have I done a trigger job or played with stock torque yet.
I am having trouble with the scope I have on there. Seems to be holding zero but doesn't have positive clicks and if I move it one click left which should only move it 1/8" at 50 yards seems to move it quite a bit more. Also the elevation seems to change when I only adjust the windage on it.
Its getting groups under 1/4" at 50 yards so I am hopeful that I'll get the gun to 1/2 MOA @ 100 yards.
Sweet shooter and I am still running ammo test but I didn't expect this good right out of the box.
Here are a couple pics. I will do a complete review and range report before too long. The top target is 3 shot groupings and the bottom target is a 5 shot grouping.
The first 3 shot grouping came in at less than a 1/10th of an inch grouping. That scale I am sure won't hold out at 100 yards but boy how great would that be if it did. I'd sure love to have a 1/4 MOA gun. I am not betting on that but hey I can always hope.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little Update On Galla Creek Texas "Piper"
Still a little package of dynamite, we took Piper to the vet 2 weeks after her first visit to see if we could get a better flea control. Fleas are really bad around the farm this year. This one did the trick. All fleas gone after a few hours never to return again. In the two weeks since her last visit she went from 3 pounds to 4.1 pounds. Pretty impressive for a two week period from our little girl.
Obedience work has been a joy. She's so smart and picks up so easily. We have "here" down well, "sit" was doing great until we introduced "lay down" which seems to confuse her just a tad. Sometime when you say "sit" she will lay down or vise-versa but hey she's just 10 weeks old now and she will learn to distinguish between the two quickly. Gets it right most of the time.
She has picked up "speak" pretty dad-gum good to. New to this squirrel dog training but have heard if you can get them to speak on command it will help later when treeing.
She's a ball of fire with a very scrappy personality. She's a very tough cookie and doesn't seem to be scared of anything. We tried her outside today around the riding lawnmower. Seems I've had a lot of dogs that didn't care for the mower. She thought nothing of it.
I know these dogs are not necessarily meant as retrieving dogs, although I have seem many videos where they do, but we are working at that as well. At 10 weeks of age she is doing as well as any lab I've ever had on retrieving.
I have heard that Feist personalities can be more soft than labs or curs and not for sure if force-fetching her later after permanent teeth are in will be a good thing or not. Right now she shows no softness at all when being scolded. Its more like you don't hurt her feelings at all but rather "tick" her off. Sometimes I really have to demonstrate that I am the alpha male to get her to settle down ... but it works.
Anyway here are a couple videos of her demonstrating what she's learned so far. You get the good with the bad with my videos. I don't believe there is a perfect puppy at 10 weeks old but I think you'd agree after seeing the videos, this pup is above par. For those of you who disagree with training at such a young age, just keep in mind this pup spends 99% of her life just being a puppy. All we do is play fun teaching games at this point that she enjoys.
Oh I must also mention I play games with her and there is constant encouragement for her to look up. I am seeing good signs of this. When in the house or outside she looks up most of the time. Goes by a tree, stops and looks up in the tree, the bush, back of the truck or whatever.
She is getting more riding time too. Take her with us whenever we can in the truck.
Again, thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Renfroe at Galla Creek for such a great little pup. I look forward to getting a male from them next year.
After getting Piper and spending near about a month with her now, I am starting to think there really may be some merit to getting the "runt" of the litter.
Enjoy the videos!
First video is of "here" and "sit"

Next video is of "speak"
Retrieving games

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Piper Is Now Home!
Got Piper home and she is adjusting well. She may be small (3#s) but she's a package of dynamite for sure. She's sleeps a lot as a puppy her age would but when she's awake she's been all-out rowdy.
Doesn't seem to be afraid of a thing and loves to bark and growl while playing. I think she's going to turn out to be a great 'lil dawg.
Again we really appreciate Galla Creek Feist out of Pottsville, AR for us having the opportunity to get Piper.
Few more pics from the trip home from Arkansas.


Ouachita River Haven Weekend
We had the pleasure of stumbling on Ouachita River Haven Resort which is on the Ouachita River right outside of Sims, AR this last weekend. What a beautiful place.
Not only was this a great campground but honestly these were nicest folks we've ever stayed with. We will for sure be back! The campground is well run and well maintained. You'll receive friendly service and information with the host. We plan to make it a basecamp in October for some squirrel hunting.
They have canoes & kayaks for rent along with shuttle service. The fishing is great and this place would be hard to beat if you are looking for a scenic river getaway.
If you get the chance, make plans to stay and enjoy the weekend. You won't regret it.